Amarula Eggnog


March 13th, 2014


I’ve always seen Amarula in supermarkets and bars, as the bottle stands out quite a bit, but I’ve never tried it before. So when I saw this cocktail, I went for it. The result? Delicious! I love the creaminess of it, but it’s definitely a ‘treat’ drink, as I imagine it isn’t so fantastic on the waistline. The Amarula Eggnog is also surprisingly easy to make once you get the hang of it.

So where does Amarula come from? Scattered exclusively across Africa’s plains, the marula trees grow naturally and uncultivated, producing a unique and exotic fruit.  It is this marula fruit that is handpicked and distilled in oak barrels, during which decadent notes of vanilla and butterscotch are imparted.  Just before bottling, fresh cream is added to create the signature, indulgent taste of Amarula!

You can get £2 off Amarula in Sainsbury’s between 26th March – 8th April, and they’re also running a really awesome in-store competition to win 4 nights at the spectacular 5* Kapama Private Game Reserve, and the 60 runners up get pretty epic prizes too! Yes…60!

2ae520eb6200x173.jpg Amarula Eggnog